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Florida Power and Light will help pay to have your roof painted white. Please contact us at (561) 347-1287 and we will walk you through the process.

As a building owner, facility manager or homeowner, you're always looking for ways to save money and improve the quality of your facility or home. One of the ways to do this is by restoring your existing roof with a cool roof solution.


The installation of a cool roof will simultaneously extend the life of your roof and dramatically

reduce cooling costs.


Your South Florida roof takes a constant beating from the sun. When left unattended, just a few years of extreme heat and UV rays can accelerate the aging of your roof resulting in splits, cracks and eventually failure.


Installing a cool roofing solution can erase the aging and almost double the life of your Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach roof. Besides the immediate physical benefits of a cool roofing solution, the financial advantages are equally impressive.


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) clarifies this to be a roof maintenance item, which means it is a fully tax deductible operating expense. Also, if you are getting a new roof installed, you can usually expense this maintenance item within the same accounting period of installation.


If you're considering installing a new roof, now is your chance to save money on your electric bill. Even if you're not, why not let FPL paint your Fort Lauderdale, Miami or Palm Beach roof?


Call us (561) 347-1287 for complete details.

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