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Hiring Local Roofing Contractors in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach, Florida

Here's a list of questions you should ask yourself before hiring local roofing contractors in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach:

Are the roofing contractors licensed?

This license protects you from any injuries or property damage that may occur on the job.

To get this license roofing companies must apply through The Department of Business and Professional Regulation and:

  • Pass a compentency examination
  • Get screened for prior criminal history
  • Be in compliance with Florida building codes
  • Have proper insurance and liability coverage

Now, if they do not have this license, you are 100% liable for any injuries or property damage that occurs on the job.

Do the roofing contractors have insurance?

Always ask for proof of insurance before signing a contract. Roofers should have:

  • Liability insurance
  • Worker's compensation insurance
  • Bonding

Liability insurance protects your property in the unlikely event it is damaged by the roofer or its employees.

Worker's compensation insurance protects you if one of the workers gets injured while on your property.

Being bonded protects you from suspicious local roofing contractors. For instance, they may collect a big down payment from you and disappear.

Now if that were to happen, you can report them to the bonding company (if they are bonded) and recover your losses.

In short, allowing an uninsured roofing compeny to do your job will make you liable for any property damage, injured workers or scams.

Does the company have a local address and if so, how many years have they been in business?

Many roofing scams are conducted by imposter contractors working straight out of their truck. They do not have a physical address and worse yet, aren't properly licensed and insured.

How detailed is the contract?

Any contract you sign should detail everything from cost and payment to schedule and completion date.

A few other important items to include is the specific brand of materials that will be used and how cleanup during and after the job will be handled.

Lastly, what will the company do if anything unexpected happens on or during the job?

Do they guarantee their work?

Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach roofing contractors should guarantee their work for at least one year. Get this in writing and check that it includes:

  • Leaks
  • Defective materials
  • Poor workmanship

Also, the guarantee should explain what will be done in the event the guarantee is not met.

Do they have any references?

Let's face it, nowadays everyone claims to do the best work and self-appoints themselves as experts, but does that really mean anything? If you really want to know how good a contractor is ask their customers or ask trusted relatives and friends.

As you can see, hiring Local Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach roofing contractors is a big decision and hopefully a review of these questions will help make your decision process easier.

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